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Crochet washcloths and facial pads set

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Handmade by LillyK

Reusable washcloths and facial pads set
100% Cotton
Eco friendly
Set of two washcloths – Cobalt/Moonstone
Set of three facial pads – Cobalt/Moonstone/White
-Each washcloth measures approximately 150mm x 150mm
-Each washcloth weighs approximately 16gr.
-Each facial pad measures approximately 85mm
-Each facial pad weighs approximately 4gr.
-Use to wash your face and body
-Use to wash your face or remove makeup
-They are reusable so when you are finished wash and dry and reuse again
The yarns used are hand dyed and should be washed prior to use as there may be slight residual surface dye
-Hand wash recommended
-Dry flat
-Do not iron