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You are worth it - pink gift box

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Made by LillyK

Designed to pamper and celebrate the remarkable woman in your life, this gift box is a thoughtful expression of appreciation and care

Nestled within the gift box is a genuine leather bookmark, a symbol of the timeless knowledge and wisdom that woman bring to the world
Crafted with the finest leather and attention to detail, this bookmark not only hold the pages of a book but also holds a special place in the heart

Enhancing the gift box's allure are reusable facial pads, an embodiment of sustainability and self-care
These soft and gentle pads not only promote eco-consciousness but also inspire the woman to embrace their natural beauty, reminding them of the strength and resilience they possess within

As the bath bomb dissolves into a soothing oasis of colors and fragrances it creates a moment of relaxation and tranquility that is a reminder of the importance of self-love and taking a pause in life's journey.

The rich hand cream and body wash within the box symbolize the importance of nurturing oneself.

This gift box is a tribute to the remarkable woman who enrich our lives with their strength, grace and compassion
Whether it's a mother, sister, friend, or mentor, this gift box conveys a heartfelt message of gratitude and admiration for the extraordinary woman who make the word a better place

What is in the box:
-1 Genuine leather bookmark
-1 Sorbet bath bomb
-2 Pack crochet 100% reusable facial pads
-1 Pen
-1 Sorbet body wash
-1 Sorbet hand and nail cream